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Terms and Conditions

1- Veterinary Referral - Under the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966, any treatment on an animal with an injury or dysfunction not carried out by a veterinarian may only go ahead following referral from a veterinary surgeon. As a result, your vet must give permission for your animal to receive veterinary physiotherapy treatment. A veterinary referral form can be downloaded from the Home or Appointments pages. An owner consent form must also be completed prior to an initial appointment.   

2- Cancellations - Cancellations must be made more than 24 hours in advanced so as not to incur any charges. Any cancellations made within the 24 hours prior to the appointment will result in a 50% charge, however, in the case of an emergency and at the discretion of Tash Hastings Veterinary Physiotherapy, some last minute cancellation charges may be waived. 

3- Insurance - Many insurance companies will reimburse the cost of veterinary physiotherapy treatment. However, if you are claiming for veterinary physiotherapy treatment from your insurance company, you must ensure you have approval from your insurance company and referral from your veterinarian prior to treatment. 

4- Privacy Policy - Personal data regarding your name, address, contact details and details about your animal will be collected in order to identify each individual case and as a record for the animals treatment. For insurance purposes, this information must be kept for seven years, during which time it will be securely stored and used only by Tash Hastings Veterinary Physiotherapy for the purposes of communicating with you and your vet about your animal. Information will not be shared with any other party. Paper records will be kept in locked storage when not in use, whilst electronic records will be stored on an external hard drive. This too will be locked securely when not in use. You reserve the right to request access to these records at any time. 

5- Payment - Payment may be made by cash or BACs at the time of treatment. 

6- Inappropriate or unsafe circumstances - Tash Hastings Veterinary Physiotherapy reserves the right to withhold treatment if an animal is unwell, has a condition that is undiagnosed or if the behaviour of the animal is considered dangerous. In these circumstances, the client may be liable to pay 50% of the original consultation price. 

7- Please ensure your animal is clean and dry for their appointment. 

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